Tuesday, July 24, 2012

RENT Reviews...

So the first weekend or our show has come and gone and we have two weekends left (we close August 4th)! We run Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at 7:00pm with a 2:00pm matinee on Saturdays (*Note: I DO NOT play Joanne in the matinee, I'm in the ensemble during that 2pm performance, however if you're not coming to see me PLEASE come see our wonderful matinee cast leads, they are AWESOME!!). With opening weekend come critiques of course, including: Backstage Utah who's review can be found here, and Utah Theatre Blogger Association's review found here. Thank you to everyone who has come to see the show, and for those of you coming in the next couple weeks! I have felt so much support from friends and family with this show, it' been pretty amazing! 

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